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06 . 04 . 20

Reducing financial stress in your relationship

Financial stress is a really big cause of relationship breakups. Original wedding vows include a promise to be together forever, for richer or poorer, but in reality, many couples find for poorer way too hard.

17 . 02 . 20

Getting financially ready for maternity leave

As a mum myself, I know that having a baby can be one of the most exciting, but also one of the scariest times of your life, especially for first-time mums. As well as learning how to be a mum, there's also significant financial pressure and considerations that come along with this stage of your life.

03 . 02 . 20

Getting rid of unwanted debt

When you are staring at a mountain of debt it can feel like you are at the starting line of a marathon and the finish line looks impossibly far away. But, just like when you embark on a marathon, you take one step at a time. The first step is always the hardest.

23 . 01 . 20

Top tips for achieving financial freedom

The best thing to improve your financial future is to spend less, save more and invest! Here are our top tips to achieving financial freedom.

19 . 01 . 20

About the Money Mentor Program

The Rise High Money Mentor Program will educate and empower you to transform your money management and your financial position!

30 . 08 . 19

Smart Property Investment Podcast – How to get a better result from your lender

Marissa was recently interviewed on Smart Property Investment Podcast on getting finance in the current market and how to get a better result from your lender. Listen now to hear what she had to say.

16 . 03 . 19

Your Money – March 2019 – Interest Only Loans

Marissa Schulze appeared on Your Money in March 2019 to discuss what to do if you have an interest-only loan.

25 . 02 . 19

Rise High Investor Weekly Video #56 – What income do you need in retirement

Do you know how much income you need in retirement? To learn more watch our latest weekly video. #risehighinvestor #weeklyvideo

18 . 02 . 19

Rise High Investor Weekly Video #55 – What will your retirement look like

Do you want to know what your retirement will look like? Watch our latest weekly video to find out. #risehighinvestor #weeklyvideo

16 . 02 . 19

Your Money – February 2019 – Demystifying Mortgage Broker Commissions

Marissa appeared on Your Money to discuss mortgage broker commissions and what it will mean to consumers if the Royal Commissions proposed consumer pays model is introduced.

11 . 02 . 19

Rise High Investor Weekly Video #54 – Why I love offset accounts

I love offset accounts but avoid using redraw. Find out why in my latest weekly video. #risehighinvestor #weeklyvideo

04 . 02 . 19

Rise High Investor Weekly Video #53 – What records should you keep as an investor

Do you know what records you need to keep as an investor? Watch our latest weekly video to find out. #risehighinvestor #weeklyvideo