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18 . 12 . 20

Moving financially forward after a relationship separation

Relationship breakdowns can be extremely hard and having to rebuild and recreate your new life can seem overwhelming and sometimes a little bit impossible - but it's not!

27 . 11 . 20

Tips to managing your finances

If you find managing the day to day family finances stressful you are not alone. 46% of women feel great financial stress due to managing the family finances.

06 . 11 . 20

How to teach your kids about money!

Money management skills are an important life skill and they help children not only financially later in life but also emotionally. It can assist them with their happiness levels if they know how to manage money. I am a believer that money can't buy happiness, but a lack of money certainly can cause stress and unhappiness.

16 . 10 . 20

Minimise the stress of managing household finances

Having responsibility to manage the household finances is scary, even a bit overwhelming at times. It's a big responsibility and it can be stressful. You know many often wonder if they're doing it right. Often, we just pay bills.

25 . 09 . 20

Managing finances as a couple

In many relationships, it’s common to have one partner manage the finances and the other partner takes a back seat. However, this inevitably ends badly for one of two reasons.

04 . 09 . 20

The gender pay gap is real

The pay gap between men and women is real. Although women have come a long way with gap slowly declining over the years there's still significant difference. Women working full time today take on home on average $241 per week less than men.

14 . 08 . 20

Make sure you retire with enough Superannuation

On average, women are retiring with half the superannuation of men, and women are generally living longer than men so that's a real problem. So why is there that superannuation gap?

Women are more likely to move in and out of paid work to care for children, so they are more likely to have unpaid work breaks. Women are also more likely to be engaged in casual and part-time work hence also resulting in a lower superannuation balance.

24 . 07 . 20

How to plan for private schooling

As a mum I know that parents are always trying to give their children the best possible start in life. And one of the ways that we can help our children is to ensure that they have a great education and a great school environment that's going to bring out the best in them.

03 . 07 . 20

Things to consider before upgrading your home!

Do you feel like you're living on top of each other? Are the kids taking over the whole house? Or is your home just too far away from school or work?

Whatever the reason for upgrading, here some of the considerations that you need to think about before you do.

12 . 06 . 20

Money tips for new mums

Managing your finances well during this stage of your life will significantly benefit you and your family.

22 . 05 . 20

Merging your finances

Joining your finances together or taking that next big step can be scarier than getting married. Financial stress is a real thing in relationships, and can often break relationships, so it's really important that you deal with it, carefully and with consideration.

01 . 05 . 20

Are Credit Cards good or evil?

There are almost 16 million credit cards in Australia and according to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, 15% of Australian adults have problematic credit card debt. So how can you make credit cards work for you so that they don't cause you unnecessary stress?