Bonus Resources

The Rise High Investor is much more than just a book. We want you to take the learnings and implement them in your own life so that you see transformation immediately. To help you with this, Marissa has developed 25 free bonus resources just for you.

Each resource and exercise has been specially designed to help you take the learnings and concepts from the book and take the actions that will see you executing your own Property Investment Strategy so that you can transform your life and get the results you desire.

Here is a summary of the free bonus resources, worksheets and templates you will receive as a reader of the book.


Chapter 1, Exercise 1

  1. Personal Goal Sheet, including:
    • Goal Summary Sheet
    • Action List
    • Dream board instructions and example

Get clear on your goals by following the steps outlined on the worksheet.

Chapter 1, Exercise 2

  1. Why’ – 7 Levels Deep Worksheet

Reveal the deep underlying motivations that are going to keep you focused and on track as you embark on your investment journey.


Chapter 2, Exercise 1

  1. Superannuation Summary
  2. Superannuation Calculator Worksheet

Use these resources to get clarity on the current position of your superannuation and how it is likely to look at retirement.

Chapter 2, Exercise 2

  1. Ideal Retirement Calculator (including Retirement Income and Net Asset Goal Calculator)

Use this calculator to get clarity on the type of life you want to live in the future. This worksheet will help you determine how much annual passive income you will need to fund your lifestyle in retirement and the value of Net Assets you will need to accumulate to achieve your income goals.

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Chapter 3

  1. ‘Why Property’ Worksheet

This worksheet will help you to identify if and why Property is the right investment vehicle for you to help you achieve your goals.


Chapter 4, Exercise 1

  1. ‘Overcoming your Fears’ worksheet

This exercise will challenge you to delve deep into the fears that are holding you back and explore hypothetical scenarios for your future reality. It will prepare you for the next exercise in this chapter and give you the courage to face your fears.

Chapter 4, Exercise 2

  1. ‘Mitigating your Risks and Moving Forward’ Worksheet

This exercise will help you to overcome your fears and mitigate your risks. This is an important step for every Investor and will ensure that your fears no longer hold you back from achieving your dreams.


Chapter 5

  1. Asset and Liabilities Worksheet
  2. Actual Cash Flow Worksheet

Completing these worksheets will give you complete clarity on your current Financial Position. This is important as it will enable you to identify areas you can improve your financial position. It will also enable you to set your goals. These templates are great to keep handy and update every 1-2 years to see how you are tracking with achieving your goals.


Chapter 6, Exercise 1

  1. Savings Worksheet
  2. Budget Cashflow Worksheet

Now that you have clarity on your current financial position and sending habits you can use these tools to identify areas you can spend less and save more. You can take control of your spending by planning where and how your money will be spent in the future.

Chapter 6, Exercise 2

  1. Make it Automatic Instructions

These instructions will help you to set up the right bank account structure and automated transfers to ensure that you are consistently Paying Yourself First and prioritising your future and your goals.


Chapter 7

  1. Your Team of Experts

This exercise will help you to identify which experts you need to recruit to ensure you have the right team to achieve your dreams and goals.


Chapter 8

  1. Buy and Hold Strategy Worksheet

This exercise will confirm how and why the buy and hold strategy works by providing you with real examples. It will give you the evidence and confirmation you need to confidently implement this strategy in your Investment Journey.


Chapter 9

  1. Cash Flow Analysis Tool

This calculator tool will help you to calculate the estimated ‘Net Cash out of Pocket’ for every Investment Property you currently own and/or any investment properties you may be considering purchasing in the future.


Chapter 10

  1. Property Investment Journey Life Cycle Worksheet

This exercise will help you to determine which stage of the Property Investment Journey Life Cycle you are currently in and help you to plan how many years you can spend in each stage to ensure that you achieve your goals within your desired timeframe.


Chapter 11

  1. Property Strategy Worksheet

This worksheet will help you to analyse the different property investment strategy options and narrow down your choices to find the right property type, location and price point that will suit your situation and help you achieve your goals sooner. As you grow your property portfolio to multiple properties, you may decide on having a combination of different property types and different strategies as your investment experience and confidence grows. The worksheet will give you the opportunity to plan ahead as you grow your portfolio.


Chapter 12

  1. Getting your Credit Report

Here you will find instructions to help you get a copy of your credit report.


Chapter 13

  1. Your Borrowing Capacity

This exercise will help you to understand your current borrowing capacity. It will also help you to identify what you can do to improve or increase your borrowing capacity in the future.


Bonus Chapter 1

  1. Best Ownership Structure Questionnaire

This exercise will ensure you are prepared for your meeting with your accountant when you are working out which ownership structure will suit you best for your next Property purchase.