Reader’s Guide

Why you need a copy of this book?

This book is for you if you want to build wealth, want financial freedom and want to take control of your financial future. It is for you if you are prepared to make changes in your life today that will pay off in the future and if you are dedicated and committed to turning your dreams into reality. This book will challenge your belief that the more income you make in your day job the wealthier you can be and will show you that it is not how much money you make that is important but rather what you do with your money that will ultimately determine your long-term financial success.This book is great for all property investors, regardless of where you are in your investment journey. As young investors and beginners, you will get the confidence and information you need to get started, and if you are an experienced investor, you will be able to review your past investment decisions compared to the concepts presented in this book, and make a plan moving forward on how you are going to take your portfolio to the next level and move to the next stage of your investment journey.

For all investors, this book will teach you how to have the retirement you have dreamed of, whilst leaving a legacy for the ones you love.